I need some advice.

It’s been a really, really long time. Sorry.

To keep it short, I’ve been ultra-rapid cycling. I’m not sleeping at night, I’m miserable in so many different ways, and I’m not really capable of handling…well, life. I dropped out of school. I started a new med called Topamax, which is supposed to help with rapid cycling, among other things. Fingers crossed.

On to the advice I need:  I’m looking for a new therapist, which is quite the feat in the area in which I live. Before I call anyone, I’d like the opinion of others that have had more experience with therapy than I have. What is your experience with psychotherapy and/or CBT? If you’ve experienced both, which do your prefer and why?

I would really appreciate some insight so I can avoid shopping around for a therapist (as much as possible). Thanks in advance!


3 thoughts on “I need some advice.

  1. My therapist considers himself “Integrative” so he draws from a lot of different therapies to do what works best for when we meet. He pulls out CBT on occasion and it can be helpful for reality checking some of my distorted thinking. Overall, the technique matters MUCH LESS than the relationship you have with your therapist, so go for someone you like rather than a particular technique.

    • Thank you! That makes a lot of sense. I am seeing a new therapist on Tuesday who follows the “psychodynamic psychotherapy” model. I’m fairly nervous, but just new-therapist nervous. I appreciate your advice!

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